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Transport - services

We have a wide range of cars where 95% of them are maximum 2 years old. We guarantee quality and reliability of transport and export/import transport of shipment with above-standard services.

Express transport


size: 1 x EUR paleta
max. height: 72 cm
capacity: 350 kg
volume: 1 m3

The quickest way of express transport for small shipment.

price 7CZK/km


size: 1+ 1/2 x EUR paleta
max. weight: 120 cm
capacity: 700 kg
volume: 2,5 m3

Express transport of material of pallet volume.

price 8CZK/km

Panel van

size: 5 x EUR paleta
capacity: 1500 kg
volume: 13 m3
space: 3,8 x 1,70 x 1,73

Express transportation for pallet material.

price 10CZK/km

Awning delivery

size: 10 x EUR paleta
capacity: 1500 kg
volume: 24 m3
space: 4,84 x 2,20 x 2,30

Our priority option for express transport.

price 12CZK/km

Standard transportation

For express transportation we use two-man crews. Action radius with maximum speedlimit can be as much as 1500km without stopping. As we maintain safety stops the time can be prolonged up to 21 hours.


size: 33 x EUR paleta
capacity: 24 000 kg
volume: 100 m3
space: 13,60 x 2,48 x 3,00

Mega/ Jumbo transport for the highest volume material.

price 27CZK/km


Loading is done 7 days a week.

We guarantee immediate information about your load "on the road"

We provide information with the aid of navigation system GPS and constant attainability of our drivers via cellphones.


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